Friday, February 17, 2012


Got the TinyG, but I'm having some problems getting it to talk to all of the axis.  Hopefully I'll be able to work it out with the guy who did the design.  I also got the 3 steppers, and I'm in the process of building a wiring harness.  I plan to make my own shaft couplers, and it looks like I'll need to space the motors off at least the Z axis for clearance with the axis trim bolts.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

CNC Build Status

I've got all of the parts cut, and I'm in the process of building it from the Z axis out.  Z axis is done with the exception of the lead screw, which I'm waiting on the motors to complete.  I've got most of the carriage for the X axis complete as well, but need to do some final assembly.  The X axis gantry is next.  Pictures soon, really.

CNC Router 2

I think I mentioned in the last post that I'm building off of the JGRO CNC design.  For my initial try, I'm replacing the alignment blocks with aluminum.  I'm also looking at potentially replacing the lead screws, but that will likely wait until I've assembled things and tinkered with the design a bit more.

The biggest changes are related to the electronics and software.  I just got a Tiny G and I'm waiting on some NEMA 23 motors from  I'm planning to drive these from an old PC power supply I've got - I may need to get a second one depending on the overall power requirements.  Right now I'm looking at different CAM and CAD systems that will work well with GRBL.