Sunday, September 23, 2012

TinyG Operator Progress

I've made substantial progress on the Android - Arduino link over the past couple of weeks.  I posted this video to demo some of the new work.  Still on the docket is to construct actual gcode based on the input, and to store that in the system.

I'm using a database backend to store the programs and commands.  It turns out that's easier than manipulating raw files.  I'm also using the same service abstraction I used for TinyG for Android that allows selection of either network or USB host mode interaction.  So that means that I should be able to roll this USB Accessory mode capability into the core program without a lot of pain.

I've started to think about refactoring the existing TinyG for Android code.  Instead of having a separate app with the USB support, I'm probably going to make a multi-ADK release.  So this means that folks who can use the advanced features will automatically download one app with all the code, and the ones who can only use a subset of a capabilities will get another.  It should make some of the handling a little less tortured.

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